EdIt! 1.2 Order Form

Using your web browser, you can print this form out directly to your printer.

Please fill out this form in its entirety and mail it with payment (check or money order on a U.S. bank) to the address below. Thank you!

Name __________________________________________
Company __________________________________________
 ___ I would like my company name to appear in the program instead of my name
E-Mail __________________________________________
Address __________________________________________
City, State, ZIP __________________________________________
Country __________________________________________

Please provide one or more e-mail addresses to receive information such as notices of upgrades via e-mail. 

E-Mail Address __________________________________________
E-Mail Address __________________________________________

Our troop would like to order:

___ EdIt! 1.2 (one user) US $ 19.95
___ EdIt! 1.2 Upgrade Free please provide serial number from previous version:


All users will receive a Registration Key via e-mail which can be entered using the Help->Enter Registration Key menu in EdIt!. This key will unlock the downloadable evaluation copy.

___ Check drawn on non-U.S. bank, add: $ 10.00
Sales Tax (Illinois only, 7.5%) _________
Order Total _________


When you have completed this form, please enclose a check, money order, or enter your credit card or bank account information below and mail to:

SRT Enterprises
2S782 Timber Drive
Warrenville, IL  60555

Credit Card
Type of Card _____ Visa
_____ MasterCard
Cardholder Name __________________________________________
Credit Card Number __________________________________________
Credit Card Expiration  ______ / ______ (month/year)
ACH (electronic withdrawal from U.S. checking account, maximum $200)
Name On Checking Account __________________________________________
Checking Account
Routing/ABA Number
(This is a 9 digit numeric value, usually to the left of your account number on your checks)
Checking Account Number __________________________________________


If you have any questions, you can reach us on the Internet at sales@srtware.com.

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