Trooper 2.0 Order Form

Using your web browser, you can print this form out directly to your printer. You can also download a plain text version of this order form.

Please fill out this form in its entirety and mail it with payment to the address below. Thank you!

Troop Number __________________________________________
Council __________________________________________
Contact Name __________________________________________
Address __________________________________________
City, State, ZIP __________________________________________

Please provide one or more e-mail addresses for your troop. If you do so, your troop will receive information such as notices of upgrades via e-mail. 

E-Mail Address __________________________________________
E-Mail Address __________________________________________

Our troop would like to order:

___ Trooper 2.0 $ 59.00
___ Trooper 2.0 Upgrade 29.00 please provide serial number from previous version:


All users will receive a Registration Key via e-mail which can be entered using the Utilities->Enter Registration Key menu in Trooper. This key will unlock the downloadable evaluation copy. If you wish to also receive the evaluation copy of Trooper on CD-ROM or diskette, choose an option below. Note you can make diskettes from the downloadable trial version as well.

___ Media (on CD-ROM) $ 10.00
___ Media (on 3.5" disk) 10.00

All media prices already include a $4 shipping & handling fee per item, and are non-refundable.

Order Total _________

(note to Illinois residents: we do not collect sales tax due to the BSA's tax-exempt status in Illinois)


When you have completed this form, please enclose a check, money order, or enter your credit card or bank account information below and mail to:

SRT Enterprises
2S782 Timber Drive
Warrenville, IL  60555

Credit Card
Type of Card _____ Visa
_____ MasterCard
Cardholder Name __________________________________________
Credit Card Number __________________________________________
Credit Card Expiration  ______ / ______ (month/year)


If you have any questions, you can reach us on the Internet at

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