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Design Philosophy

SRT Enterprises takes pride in our customer-driven approach to software. Our goal is to deliver solid, bug-free products that are easy to use and meet our customers' needs. We spent quite a bit of time developing Trooper 2.0, and hope that it meets your needs. We welcome any suggestions, viewing them as an opportunity to improve our products.

The History of Trooper

Trooper began life as a Paradox for Windows application in early 1993. After several fits and starts, it became apparent that the Paradox programming and runtime environments, while comparatively powerful for a database program at the time, just did not have the depth required to accomplish our goals.

In early 1995, development switched to the then-new, revolutionary Delphi programming environment. Designed specifically for the Windows operating system, this tool allowed us to concentrate on the "guts" of Trooper while quickly and easily developing a user-friendly interface. Even with this rapid-development tool, it's safe to say thousands of hours have gone into developing Trooper over the past six years.

We feel excited about the power and features of newer versions of Delphi, and the capabilities this environment will allow us to add to future versions of Trooper.


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