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ScoutNET 2000 Information

We will provide a free upgrade to a ScoutNET-compatible version for all registered users of Trooper 2.0, when it becomes available.

Previously in this space we informed users that we had hoped to include ScoutNET 2000 compatibility in this version of Trooper, and that the BSA has not allowed us to participate. To our ongoing frustration, the BSA's Council Services Division (which is in charge of the ScoutNET project) continues to inform us they are still not allowing additional vendors to participate, despite continued promises to SRT Enterprises.

The current information is that the BSA is re-evaluating the entire ScoutNET 2000 program, and how to admit new participants, and even if the program should be made public. Experience indicates that we will be waiting for quite a while, likely over three years after our initial request, so you can see how we are a more than a bit disappointed with the process. It seems incongrous that the BSA continues to re-evaluate the program yet has encouraged councils to push forward with it.

It has come to our attention that a few councils (including ours) have contacted troops about ScoutNET 2000 in newsletters or other correspondence. Unfortunately our council's newsletter stated that the ScoutNET program started with over 20 vendors of which 4 were approved, possibly implying that the rest were not up to the task. We would like to point out that the Council Services Division has informed us that "about a dozen" vendors were initially invited to participate, and five submitted proposals. Four followed through. Unfortunately SRT Enterprises was somehow not on the initial list, and we have been frozen out ever since.

What is ScoutNET 2000? 

For those users not aware of the ScoutNET 2000 initiative, this is an ambitious project to overhaul the computer systems of councils nationwide. A network linking council offices will be created, and councils will receive all new software and hardware. Ultimately, troops will be able to submit records to their local council electronically.

Click here for more information (albeit somewhat dated) on ScoutNET 2000 from the BSA.


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