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How To Register

Please use the online order form to register. As a "thank you" for your support over the years, all registered users of EdIt! 1.0 and 1.1 are entitled to a free upgrade! Registration is $19.95 for a single user, with volume licensing available.

Distributing EdIt!

EdIt! is a Shareware progam, so the evaluation copy of EdIt! can be freely distributed...in fact this is encouraged! For details please see EdIt!'s Distribution License. Under the Shareware concept, users all over the world can try the software out before purchasing it, and the author enjoys a much wider distribution. The author still owns the copyright to the software, but allows and encourages users to give the original evaluation version of the software to others.

Therefore if you know anyone who might be interested in EdIt! please pass them a copy of the file, or point them towards our web site. Feel free to upload EdIt! to your favorite BBSs or web sites too!

For EdIt!'s complete license agreement please read the EDIT!.TXT file in the downloadable archive.


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