Upgrading From Previous Versions of Trooper

If you have a previous version of Trooper, please read this page for important information regarding upgrading. When you are done, return to the download page to download Trooper.

If you have Trooper 2.00-2.03, please skip this page and read the Updates FAQ.

To upgrade from Trooper 1.0, please follow these three steps:

1. Install Trooper 2.0

Please back up your existing data before installing Trooper 2.0. The import process does not modify your existing data, but it never hurts to have a backup ("Be Prepared"...).

Be sure to install Trooper 2.0 in a different directory from where you installed Trooper 1.0. The default directories are different for the two versions, so if you stay with the default locations you will be fine. The reason for this is that the downloadable evaluation copy contains blank data files, and if you install in the same folder as an existing version you may lose data. By default the installation should not overwrite existing files, but at best you will have an incomplete copy of the new data mixed in with your current data files.

Trooper 2.0 will initially install as an evaluation version. It will completely coexist with 1.0, so that you may evaluate 2.0's new features before upgrading.

2. Download The Import Utility

We have a free utility available to import data from Trooper 1.0. This utility is a separate download to reduce the size of the downloadable evaluation copy.

Download the import utility (223 KB) and save it (as import.exe) in the directory where you installed the new version. If you used the default location, this is:

C:\Program Files\SRT Enterprises\Trooper 2.0

3. Import Your Data

Run the Import utility to import your data, and follow the onscreen prompts. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems while importing your data.

This process does not modify your existing data, so you may continue to use Trooper 1.0 while evaluating the new version, and re-import your data later if desired.

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