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Updates FAQ

The following is a list of questions you may have about downloading updates to Trooper.

I have Trooper 2.0 already installed. Can I download just the update?

Yes, you can download just the latest update. There is no need to re-download the entire installation. All updates are cumulative, so you only need to apply the latest update.

Must the update be installed on all PCs that have Trooper?

No, however we highly recommend you keep all PCs in your troop at the same version level.

Can I install the new 2.x version over an older 2.x version?

Yes, the Setup software will keep your data files intact.

Can I download an entire new installation including the new version?

Yes, you can download the full evaluation copy. Your existing serial number and key will still work, but it is not necessary to enter them again. Troop members who install the new version for the first time simply need a copy of your troop's Master data files which contains this information.

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