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Free Ringtone Converter for Motorola Phones

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This converter converts ringtones from the common RTTTL (Nokia) format to work with recent Motorola phones. These models use a different keypress format than older Motorola phones, rendering existing "Motorola" ringtones found online useless. Note Motorola seems to often change ringtone keypress codes, so it is possible that your model may vary from the list below.

Supported Models Unsupported models
  • C331t, C331g
  • C332 series
  • C333 series
  • C350
  • C650 GSM (based on user feedback)
  • C115 (based on user feedback)
  • C210/215 (based on user feedback)
  • V220 (based on user feedback)
  • V60 Color
  • V60i (GSM only)
  • V60i TDMA (based on user feedback)
  • V60p
  • V60t Color
  • V66i
  • V400
  • 120t
  • t720 (GSM only)
  • t720i
  • t730/731
  • W260g (based on user feedback)


  • C139
  • C200/201/205
  • C343
  • v120e
  • V170/171/173
  • V50
  • V60i CDMA
  • V60g
  • V60t
  • V66g
  • W315 (based on user feedback)
Unknown (undocumented online by Motorola)
  • C168
  • C353
  • v120c
  • V190
  • V60c
  • V60s (user feedback: 2 yes, 2 no)
  • V260/262
  • V500
  • W150i
  • others...?
For converting from RTTTL to unsupported Motorola models, try this link. For models not listed, contact us.

Please let us know of any problems, if you have any suggestions, or if you have a manual with ringtone instructions for one of the "unknown" models! That way everyone can enjoy a better solution!

Features Limitations
- handles octave changes using minimum
number of keystrokes
- if tempo is over 160, attempts to compensate by adjusting quarter notes to eighth notes, etc.
- assumes RTTTL default octave of 6 = C331t default of octave 4
- style (S) RTTTL default is not supported
- repeat (L) RTTTL default is not supported

Paste your RTTTL format ringtone here:

Select your phone: (READ THIS NOTE)
Select tempo:

If the ringtone converter doesn't work for your phone, we're sorry...please tell us what model phone you have and when you purchased it and hopefully we can figure out the differences. A few phones have been removed from this list since the latest manual available shows they use a different format. Hopefully we can add them in the future. It appears some Motorola phones not listed do actually work with this converter, implying Motorola has changed the format from their published specs. Some people have reported success for the v120e, for example.

Sample RTTTL-format ringtone (the Imperial Theme from Star Wars):

Imperial:d=4, o=5, b=100:e, e, e, 8c, 16p, 16g, e, 8c, 16p, 16g, e, p, b, b, b, 8c6, 16p, 16g, d#, 8c, 16p, 16g, e, 8p

The converter ignores whitespace. Use the Find Ringtones tab to find more ringtones to convert.

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