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The following questions are commonly asked by Taglinator users seeking assistance. If none of these problems sound similar to any you are experiencing, SRT Enterprises offers unlimited free technical support via e-mail. Please also visit our online support forums for more tips and to share information with other users.

Problems Running a Program on Startup

If you are receiving the message "Error starting program ____" when starting Taglinator, you have selected to have Taglinator automatically run a program when it launches, but it encountered an error doing so. This option is set in the Tools/Options dialog. Suggestions include:

Also, Taglinator 2.0 had a known issue running a program on startup under the Windows NT family (2000, XP). Upgrade to the latest version to resolve this issue.

"General file transfer error" during installation

If this error references a file in your temporary directory, such as "_setup.1", please make sure you are not exiting the WinZip Self-Extractor installer stub before Taglinator Setup is complete. This will delete the installation files prematurely. The stub will clean up its temporary files and exit on its own once Setup is finished.

Wrong COMCTL32.DLL version

If you receive an error indicating that your version of Microsoft's COMCTL32.DLL file is out of date, you can download an updated version (on that page download the "50comupd.exe (x86)" file). The newest version available as of this writing is 5.80. See the "Readme" link on that page for installation details. Another alternative is to install a newer version of Internet Explorer which includes this file.

Video-Related Problems

Errors in video driver software are a common cause of video-related problems, such as incorrect colors and errors when redrawing screens. They can also cause more non-obvious problems such as system lockups or seemingly random exception errors. Unfortunately many of the hundreds of different video cards on the market do have such problems. To determine if this is the case in your situation, two solutions are:

If you are using anything besides the "standard" video drivers that come with Windows, try using one of those drivers. Since they are the most generic driver, virtually all the bugs in it have been eliminated. If the problem disappears, see the next item.
If you are using "third party" video drivers (i.e., not a Standard VGA driver), try to find an updated driver for your video card. Virtually all video card manufacturers have the latest drivers available on their web site, available for free downloading. These drivers may also (or instead) be available from the company from which you purchased your computer, especially if it was a mail-order company, or a larger company such as IBM or Compaq.
Try changing to a different resolution or color depth. Some video cards actually use different drivers for different color depths, and you may find while one setting has a problem, another setting does not. This indicates a buggy driver.

Out of Resources/Out of Memory Errors

If you are receiving these types of errors, you may be running low on Windows "resources," especially if you have Windows 95/98/Me and are running several other programs while Taglinator is open. Some possible solutions are:

Try restarting Windows. Now run Taglinator by itself, with no other programs running. Some programs use resources, and do not free all of them when finished. Also, running several large programs at once may use up the available resources. Taglinator uses only about 1% of system resources.
We have seen this error message reported falsely by Windows due to problems with some video drivers. This is likely to be the case when Windows' Resource Meter shows a relatively large amount (over 40%) as still free when Taglinator is running. Changing video drivers and/or resolutions may fix the problem (see Video-Related Problems, above).


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