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Taglinator Features

Taglinator features the following capabilities. Users of previous versions will want to see what's new in version 4.0.

Universal compatibility
Works with any e-mail or newsreader software
Works with any Windows program
Works with any text file

QuickPad™ Mode
Allows automatic tagline generation, copying, and grabbing (stealing) using your mouse, with no clicking

Multiple Views
Stealth View minimizes the amount of screen area used (see screen image)
Tray View minimizes Taglinator to the system tray for maximum screen space (see screen image)
User-specified default view

Custom signatures
Design multi-line signatures including embedded taglines
Save up to ten signatures and easily switch between them

Includes over 2,100 taglines
Add, remove, or edit taglines as desired
Import taglines from a text file
Test for similar taglines before importing
Export taglines to another file
Print the tagline database, in any font
Tagline database sorted alphabetically for easy searching
Backup of database created before each add/delete
Automatically senses if tagline database is modified and reloads

Command line mode
Automatically append signatures and taglines with (optionally) no user intervention
Works with any program that supports user hooks (user exits) to run a program on a message before sending

Automatically run a program when Taglinator starts
Great time saver: have Taglinator start your e-mail program or newsreader

Find a specific tagline
Search capability displays all matching taglines
Back button returns to previous tagline
Scroll back and forward through tagline history

Minimal resource usage
Less than 1 MB of disk space
Uses less memory than previous versions

Theoretical limits (limited by RAM and file size, of course...so no, we haven't reached this limit!)
Approximately 2 trillion taglines possible
Approximately 2 trillion characters per tagline


Screen shots of Taglinator

View images showing Taglinator's three viewing modes.


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