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Technical Support FAQ: Trooper 1.x

The following questions are commonly asked by Trooper1.x users who are having problems that are not solved by the Troubleshooting sections of Trooper's online help. If none of these problems sound similar to any you are experiencing, SRT Enterprises does offer unlimited free technical support via e-mail.

How do I update the merit badge list in Trooper 1.x for the new 1999 requirements and badges?

Follow these four steps, using the Master copy of your Troop's data. Use the Utilities->Maintenance menu option to open the Maintenance dialog, and select the Merit Badges tab to edit the badges.

To change the list of badges required for Eagle:
  1. Select the badges that are no longer Required (Sports, Safety)
  2. Click the Modify Merit Badge button and uncheck the checkbox
  3. Select the newly Required badges (Hiking, Cycling)
  4. Click the Modify Merit Badge button and check the checkbox
To add the new Snow Sports merit badge:
  1. Click the Add Merit Badge button
To mark old badges as Inactive:
  1. Select the badges to be marked Inactive (Skiing)
  2. Click the Mark Merit Badge Inactive button
Finally, send a Copy of the updated data files to other troop members using Trooper

Is Trooper Year 2000 Compatible?

Trooper version 1.0 correctly stores dates past January 1, 2000. However, users need to be careful how dates are entered, and may want to change how Windows displays dates. Dates entered with a two-digit year are assumed by the database engine to be in the 1900s. Simply use a four-digit year to indicate a date in the 2000s.

By default Windows 3.1, 95, and 98 all use a "short date" format that displays two digits for the year, which might lead to confusion over which century a date belongs. In Windows 95/98, use the Regional Settings control panel to change the format to use four digits ("mm/dd/yyyy"). Windows 3.1 users will find the same option using the International control panel. This setting should apply to all Windows programs. See the "Date Field" topic in Trooper's help for more information. 

Video-Related Problems

Errors in video driver software are a common cause of video-related problems, such as incorrect colors and errors when redrawing screens. Unfortunately many of the hundreds of different video cards on the market do have such problems. To determine if this is the case in your situation, two solutions are:

If you are using anything besides the "generic" or "standard" VGA (640x480, 16 colors) video drivers that come with Windows, try using that driver. Since this is the most commonly used driver, virtually all the bugs in it have been eliminated. If the problem disappears, see the next item.
If you are using "third party" video drivers (i.e., not the generic VGA driver), try to find an updated driver for your video card. Virtually all video card manufacturers have the latest drivers available on their WWW and/or FTP sites, as well as their BBS, available for free downloading. These drivers may also be available from the company from which you purchased your computer, especially if it was a mail-order company, or a larger company such as IBM or Compaq.

Out of Resources/Out of Memory Errors

If you are receiving these types of errors, you may be running low on Windows "resources," especially if you are using Windows 3.x which has a very limited amount. Some possible solutions are:

Try exiting Windows, then starting it again. Now run Trooper by itself, with no other programs running. Some programs use resources, and do not free all of them when finished. Also, running several large programs at once may use up the available resources.
This error message has been reported falsely by Windows due to problems with some video drivers, both with Trooper and its installation program. This is likely to be the case when Program Manager's Help|About dialog shows a relatively large amount (over 50%) as still free when Trooper is running. Changing video drivers and/or resolutions may fix the problem (see Video-Related Problems, above).

Running the Personal Records report

If a troop member has between 19-21 merit badges, this report displays incorrect information for the Leadership section. This happens only if the merit badge group breaks so that the last merit badge is on the bottom of the page, and the "Merit Badges Earned" subtotal is on the top of the next page, regardless of the report margin. This appears to be an error in ReportSmith's logic, so unfortunately there is little we can do about it until the next version is released with a new report engine.

Saving a Report to a File

ReportSmith drops the report "group" header information when saving a report to a file. Again, there is little we can do with this, as it is a ReportSmith problem. The new report engine does not have this problem.


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