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What's New In Version 2.0

SRT Enterprises introduces Trooper for Windows version 2.0, a major upgrade which features dozens of new improvements. We combined our planned new features with many suggestions from our customers, resulting in a product we know you will enjoy.


Fully 32-bit program code
Speed increased in several areas
Downloadable evaluation copy, with easy registration option
Automated Uninstall
Quickly e-mail one or all troop members

Report Engine

New, fully integrated report engine 
Dramatically increased loading speed for reports 
Uses almost 6 MB less disk space overall than the previous report engine 
Export reports to either comma-delimited text or Report Emulation Text format


Redesigned interface for tracking awards, ranks, and training
Drag & drop to assign awards, ranks, and training sessions
Add awards, ranks, and training sessions to several members at once
Add multiple awards, ranks, and training sessions at a time to one member
Members can earn awards and attend training sessions multiple times
Add user-defined awards and training sessions specific to your troop
Members can earn multiple Eagle Palms
Automatically verify time requirements for ranks
Merit badges can be both required and non-required, to track historical badges that have changed

Vehicle and Driver Information

Track vehicle, insurance, and driver information for your troop


Track service hours for each event


Track Class 1 Personal Health History information for each member

Personal Info

Track several phone numbers and e-mail for each member 
Track driver's license information 
Track which members subscribe to Boys' Life

Troop Information

Track more information on chartering and meetings

Share Data Files

The Share Data Files (Transport Data Files) process is dramatically faster (up to 90%, or 14 times, faster) 
Trooper now uses compression when copying to reduce file size 
- we have achieved up to 90% compression using real data 
E-mail Trooper's data to other troop members 
Double-click to import/restore data


29 new reports added, including: 
- new Inactive Members report shows when Scouts left the troop and why 
- Roster By Name and Roster By Patrol reports now indicate troop and patrol officers 
- new Awards reports show which members have earned or not earned an award 
- see which members have earned awards since a specific date 
- new merit badge report show which members have not earned a given merit badge 
- view training sessions attended by type of training 
- view a member's attendance record since the last rank earned or another given date 
- view service hours earned since the last rank earned or another given date 
- reports sorted by type of event let the user optionally choose one type to view 
- new Emergency Contacts report 
- new Class 1 Personal Health History report 
Mailing Labels & Envelopes 
- print envelopes to Scouts, their parents, or both, with a return address 
- now use PostNet bar codes 
- view all overdue and all unpaid collections 
Troop Information 
- view information on your unit, chartered organization, meetings, etc., all on one page 
- new Recharter Assistance report 
Vehicle Information 
- print vehicle and insurance information to turn in with a tour permit 
Personal Records 
- print the complete personal record for just a selected member

The Little Things

Updated user interface 
Date Fields allow skips by year, month, and week; double-click for a popup calendar
Rolling 50-year window for entering dates 
Date fields always show 4-digit years 
New event types 
New offices 
New training sessions 
Length of City and Sponsor/Chartered Organization fields extended 
Double click to modify ranks, awards, and merit badges earned, payments recorded, etc. 
...and many more things we tweaked along the way!
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